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Unlock Your Marketing Analytics: 11 Essential Data Analyses Every Team Should Implement

Below is a list of must-do data analyses for any Marketing team. Consider saving this or sending it to your analytics guru to help you create these.


1. Paid search analysis of keywords that have led to opps and customers (and those that didn’t). This may enable you to free up some of the paid search budget for other uses.

2. Split the funnel analysis: to see all the way from lead to bookings what is driving pipeline and bookings. The rows will be dependent on the main programs / channels that have been in use.

3. Paid social audiences and metrics. List the audiences used in paid social and what is included in them.

4. ABM campaign results from last year (& this year). It helps you understand what was done & the related results.

5. Current pipeline and bookings compared to goal, by product and net new vs expansion

6. Lead, pipeline, and revenue targets and historical results, by product and net new vs expansion

7. Conversion rates from lead to meeting booked to meeting attended to opportunity to closed won by pipeline source, product, and net new/expansion

8. Time it takes to move between each of the above mentioned stages

9. ACV for each product by net new/expansion

10. % of customers that have bought more than one product

11. Pipeline conversion % cohort for each quarter and the amount that close wins in the subsequent quarters broken out by expansion and net new and product

What would you add to the list?