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6 Strategic Steps to Transform Your Marketing Ideas into Successful Campaigns

How do you take a Marketing strategy and turn it into execution? Here’s a simple 6 step overview.

1. Determine an overall marketing strategy that aligns with the company strategy

2. Estimate using a forecast model in Google Sheets what can be created in terms of sales accepted opportunities and revenue, broken down by month, region, and marketing strategy idea

3. Within each strategy, break that down into quarterly plans

4. Determine specific programs or campaigns to execute within that quarter. As an example, for demand generation, we have two types – always-on campaigns and ABM campaigns. 

5. Set quantitative goals for each that aligns back to the forecast model I mentioned earlier

6. While a campaign is running, be monitoring: # of leads, # of MQLs, # of meetings, # of sales accepted opportunities, and the cost per each of those.

For us, we use leads, MQLs, and the cost per each as leading indicators, but the better indicators are meetings and sales accepted opportunities. And ultimately revenue, but that is a long lagging indicator.

For us, it takes 16 days on average for a lead to become an opportunity.

That means we want to generally let things run and tweak them for a month, unless we have those early indicators showing us it’s working poorly. For instance, if 40% of the leads are MQLs, then we know there is a lead quality issue and things need to be changed quickly.

–> Follow these 6 steps to start making your ideas a reality.

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Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy: How Onboarding a New Sales Leader Can Drive Success

A new Sales leader joins your company. Get ready for that to either disrupt or enhance your Marketing strategy.

Best way to make sure it enhances:

Do lots of early onboarding meetings and knowledge sharing with them. Become their close ally with a shared vision and plan.

Why meet with them a lot early on?

1. It helps them learn about the past results

2. They have a new, outside perspective that can help you reevaluate and enhance strategies

3. You’re going to be collaborating with them a lot so you should start it out well

What would you add to this list?

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Slash Your Expenses: 4 Effective Strategies to Streamline Your Budget

4 ways to cut your budget ✂

1. Talk with your team and colleagues.
They probably have ideas to reduce costs that you’re not aware of.

2. Analyze data and results to see what’s working and what isn’t
If programs have been given enough of a chance, and they’re still showing no positive signals, end them.

3. Find duplicate functionality and consolidate the tools to have a lower TCO
Getting rid of vendors that have overlapping functionality is such an easy win for money savings.

4. See if the value provided by a tool > cost
If you’re not getting value, then is it really worth the $?

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Smart Budgeting: How I Reduced Zingtree’s Marketing Costs by 30% in Just 2 Months

I cut the Marketing budget by 30% just 2 months after joining Zingtree without anyone asking me to do so.

Why? I try to think like a CEO. If this was my money, I wouldn’t spend it all yet, or I’d spend it differently.

How did I do this?

– Cutting budget from items that weren’t performing for Zingtree

– Delay investing heavily in new initiatives until we proved them out with a smaller budget (early positive signals, early revenue results)

– Reevaluating the agency, freelancer, and vendor list

To all the Marketing leaders, don’t invest too heavily before you can prove results (or early positive signals) of new initiatives.

To all the CFOs and CEOs out there, tag your Marketing leader so they can get some inspiration 😉

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Mastering 2023 Financial Planning: Top-Down vs. Bottoms-Up Budgeting Strategies Explained

Working through 2023 budgeting?

Look at it 2 ways:
1. Create a top-down budget
2. Create a bottoms-up budget

Top-down: focused on budget needed to hit revenue goals

Bottoms-up: list all of your existing and planned expenses and add them up

Make sure to leave budget for new experiments, even if you don’t know exactly what they’ll be yet.

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3 Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Your Revenue Growth: A Deep Dive into Zingtree’s Unique Marketing Thesis

Here’s our Marketing thesis at Zingtree:

3 things will drive pipeline and revenue growth for us:

1. Create & refine a compelling, differentiated story – carve out our unique PoV

2. Grow our awareness – If we grow the awareness of our PoV, we’ll grow pipeline

3. Convert interested & in-market ICPs – move them through the funnel quickly in a personalized way

What’s your summarized Marketing thesis?
What do you think of mine?