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Surviving the Recession: Essential Budget Re-forecasting Strategies for Marketing, Sales, and CX in Startups

If you work for a startup in Marketing, Sales, or CX, you should be building scenarios for potentially re-forecasting your budget, pipeline, ARR, expansion, and churn goals.

The recession is probably coming (or here already), and your Board of Directors or C-suite may start cutting budgets.

Do you want to be caught scrambling or be prepared with a couple justifiable plans?

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Mastering 2023 Financial Planning: Top-Down vs. Bottoms-Up Budgeting Strategies Explained

Working through 2023 budgeting?

Look at it 2 ways:
1. Create a top-down budget
2. Create a bottoms-up budget

Top-down: focused on budget needed to hit revenue goals

Bottoms-up: list all of your existing and planned expenses and add them up

Make sure to leave budget for new experiments, even if you don’t know exactly what they’ll be yet.