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Exploring DAM the Demand: A Real-World Performance Analysis of Innovative Marketing Approach

Here’s a REAL example with performance stats of “DAM the Demand” 👀

Below are the early results, how we did it, and our specific examples.

ℹ️ DAM the Demand is an idea from Christopher Lochhead ❄️🐾 🏴‍☠️: You think you want that, but you really need this instead! When you’re creating a new category, this can be super powerful as a way to get the budget and mind-share switched to your product.

RESULTS in the first 8 days since launch:

➡️ Campaign objective: reach (we want guaranteed distribution to our whole audience)
➡️ Reach: 7.3% of our our target audience
➡️ Avg Frequency our audience has seen the ad: 1.6
➡️ CTR for specific ads range from .44% to 1.01%! (CTR is a proxy for high interest, and .4% is a good benchmark for solid ads.)
➡️ We even got 1 high intent demo request from them already! Self reported attribution and Hubspot attribution both showed it, even though the campaign objectives are reach!


➡️ These are educational DAM the Demand style ads on LinkedIn and Facebook. Optimized for DISTRIBUTION and REACH, not for lead gen forms or website visits.
Audience network and audience expansion are turned off.
➡️ Our goal is to educate them in the feed itself; not optimize for getting them to click out of LI or FB.
➡️ If they happen to click through to our site, that’s a good proxy sign of their high interest! But it’s not the main goal.


➡️ See the images below for what they actually look like.
➡️ Our unique point of view that is different: 
“Let’s be real. AI for Support only works for small use cases. But you probably have lots of complex cases you need humans for.

Elevate your humans through Zingtree’s conversational workflow software.

Turn every agent into an expert regardless of their tenure by guiding them through your company’s best practices in real-time.”

Questions on this? 
Have you considered Daming demand? 
How have you done it or what are you considering?