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Unlocking Customer Insight: The Power of ‘How Did You Hear About Us?’ in Marketing Strategy

10 REAL answers to our “How did you hear about us?” form field below 👇

Some people write PARAGRAPHS of text giving us amazing qualitative insights – things marketing attribution software alone will never be able to show us.

There is no way Marketing can get these insights from dark social if we don’t have this field. 
Add it as a required free text field, not a dropdown… 


– From web and from friends in other Companies that have used/tested the product

– Linked-In

– Facebook ad

– Referred by Zendesk Support

– Talkdesk AppConnect

– Used it in my last company

– I have been looking for a solution for our Technical Support Operations and Customer Experience team that would centralize data, reduce onboarding and ramp up time, standardize troubleshooting and integrate with existing systems. I went through an extensive search online and found several options but none of them met my expectations. I came across a 58 min and 42 second youtube video, “Getting Started with Zingtree”, hosted by Brad Schieber and Debbie McCormick, that was everything I was looking for and more. That video as well as a dozen or so other videos led me to your free plan which allowed me to get hands on with creating trees. I presented the demo trees to company leadership and my director has asked me to reach out to you to see if we can schedule a demo.

– Previously used Zingtree when employed by [previous company]. Left company for several years after aquisition by [company]. Not sure what happened to Zingtree use in my absence. Would like to demonstrate the value to my boss (DIrector of Global Support) with a proof of concept example. Thanks /[his name]

– I met clinical research md’s who will be using platform for stroke patients. I work for a company running a clinical trial for stroke and would like to know more information.

– Hello, my Name is [name] and I am a [job title] for [company] in Germany. We at [company] are looking for a Salesforce integrated Agent Scripting tool to replace a legacy tool with Salesforce integration. I became aware of Zingtree through my own online research for agent scripting tools with native Salesforce integration. We’d like to get a demo of the agent scripting capabilities of your product. Looking forward to hear from you, [name]

What’s holding you back from adding this field? If you already have it, what do your answers look like?

b2bmarketing demandgeneration facebookads linkedinads

Unlocking Business Growth: A Comprehensive Guide to Implementing OKRs for Effective Demand Creation in Marketing

Steal my OKRs for Creating Demand, and put them in your Marketing plan 👇

Objective 1: Create demand

🚀 Key Result (KR) 1: Launch X groups of ads on LI/FB (integration-specific ads & educational ads). Quant: Reach X people in our target audience. Maintain a X%+ CTR from LI ads. Direct traffic to high-intent pages (home page, pricing page, demo page, customer stories, etc) increases by X%+.

🎯 KR2: Implement & adopt’s Metamatch to make our ads even more targeted to our ICP, esp. on FB

✍️ KR3: Grow social engagement: employees & corporate posting regularly. Engagement rate: LI – X% QoQ, TW – X% QoQ. X total posts by ZT employees.

📣 KR4: Zingtree folks get on X podcasts for free

1️⃣ We have 5 objectives this quarter, and the other objectives affect creating demand too, but this is the primary one about it.
2️⃣ I’ve taken out our specific numbers so that you can adopt it to your business easily.
3️⃣ Creating demand is very new for us (I’m new to @zingtree), so that’s why my KR1 doesn’t have specific opp or pipeline goals associated with it. It takes some time before we can count on these producing later stage results.

What do your create demand OKRs look like? What would you add/change about mine?

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Exploring DAM the Demand: A Real-World Performance Analysis of Innovative Marketing Approach

Here’s a REAL example with performance stats of “DAM the Demand” 👀

Below are the early results, how we did it, and our specific examples.

ℹ️ DAM the Demand is an idea from Christopher Lochhead ❄️🐾 🏴‍☠️: You think you want that, but you really need this instead! When you’re creating a new category, this can be super powerful as a way to get the budget and mind-share switched to your product.

RESULTS in the first 8 days since launch:

➡️ Campaign objective: reach (we want guaranteed distribution to our whole audience)
➡️ Reach: 7.3% of our our target audience
➡️ Avg Frequency our audience has seen the ad: 1.6
➡️ CTR for specific ads range from .44% to 1.01%! (CTR is a proxy for high interest, and .4% is a good benchmark for solid ads.)
➡️ We even got 1 high intent demo request from them already! Self reported attribution and Hubspot attribution both showed it, even though the campaign objectives are reach!


➡️ These are educational DAM the Demand style ads on LinkedIn and Facebook. Optimized for DISTRIBUTION and REACH, not for lead gen forms or website visits.
Audience network and audience expansion are turned off.
➡️ Our goal is to educate them in the feed itself; not optimize for getting them to click out of LI or FB.
➡️ If they happen to click through to our site, that’s a good proxy sign of their high interest! But it’s not the main goal.


➡️ See the images below for what they actually look like.
➡️ Our unique point of view that is different: 
“Let’s be real. AI for Support only works for small use cases. But you probably have lots of complex cases you need humans for.

Elevate your humans through Zingtree’s conversational workflow software.

Turn every agent into an expert regardless of their tenure by guiding them through your company’s best practices in real-time.”

Questions on this? 
Have you considered Daming demand? 
How have you done it or what are you considering?

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Boosting Brand Awareness: How Zingtree Reached Over a Quarter of its Target Audience in Just 30 Days

27%+ of our entire target audience has now learned about Zingtree in the last 30 days 🔥
Before, probably <2% knew about us. How did this happen? We started running educational category, product, & customer ads on LinkedIn and Facebook. Optimized for DISTRIBUTION and REACH, not for lead gen forms or website visits. Each person in the 27% saw our ads avg 7+ times in that month, so we kept a high frequency. And there are fresh messages: 3 themes with a total of 20 different ads, so they’re not seeing the exact same thing. Our goal is to educate them in the feed itself; not optimize for getting them to click out of LI or FB. If they happen to click through to our site, that’s a good proxy sign of their high interest! But it’s not the main goal. The exciting thing is that our CTR (as a proxy for lots of interest) is crushing: 0.85% avg with some ads as high as 1.56% 🤯 (Keep in mind, we’re optimizing for reach, not CTR!) And we’re seeing positive signals in other areas too (website traffic, high intent demo requests, meetings, etc.) 📈 Want to see examples? Go to our Zingtree page, go to posts, then filter to ads. Anyone else seeing success in creating demand like this?

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Unveiling Modern Demand Gen Strategies: My Insightful Session with Stacking Growth Podcast

I’m super honored and excited to have been on the Stacking Growth podcast with Sidney Waterfall and Sam Kuehnle!

Great conversation about:

– How to assess Marketing performance
– Strategies to implement a modern demand gen strategy
– How to present results to the Board and C-Suite
– Rollout planning
– Experimentation tactics
– LinkedIn and Facebook paid & organic strategies
– And more!

Give it a listen and tag someone that might like it 😊

Link in comments below

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Mastering Demand Creation: Top Metrics to Track for Optimizing Your Advertising Campaigns

People try to create demand but don’t know how to tell if things are working.

It gets harder when you’ve done 10+ campaigns.

Here are the top platform-level metrics we track to improve performance:

Campaign Name
Ad platforms
Type of ad(s)
Audience(s) included
Audience(s) excluded
Date launched
Date ended

Avg. CTR
1st month frequency
2nd month frequency
Audience size

$ spent
Cost per 1K member accounts reached
Avg. CPM

What metrics do you like to track inside the platforms for creating demand?

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Unlocking Success with 2 Unique Paid Social Strategies: How to Stand Out and Target Effectively

2 paid social plays I don’t see others doing much (that we’re having success with):

1. Run ads that don’t look like ads.
Our minds are better at filtering out & scrolling past ads.
Stand out in the feed or blend in with user posts; just don’t look like an ad.

2. Talk about your integrations and target companies that use that other company you integrate with.
Now you have a more targeted message to a more targeted audience.

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Unlocking Marketing Success: A Comprehensive Guide on Creating Demand & Scaling New Pipeline

New launch: my detailed playbook on “How To Create Demand and Scale Net New Pipeline” (free, no email required)

This 2,500+ word article goes into specific strategies and tactics about:
– Defining your ICP & unique POV
– Details for building advanced audiences
– Ad optimizations, frequency, and metrics
– Example ads
And more!

This is one of the most all-encompassing Marketing pieces I’ve created. And shoutout to Blake Strozyk and Silvio Perez for helping me write it up!

Finding something useful in it? Comment with favorite emoji to let me know 🚵‍♂️
Have a question? Ask away!

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Mastering LinkedIn Ads & Examples: Achieving a 6.17% CTR with In-Feed ABM Campaigns

6.17% CTR from these LinkedIn ads 🤯🤯🤯

That’s the power of scroll-stopping ABM ads & focusing on in-feed consumption of our content.

I’ve typically heard & used 0.4% CTR as a benchmark for good engagement on brand awareness reach-focused LI campaigns, & we’re crushing that in this campaign that launched recently (about a week of data).

More context on our strategy:

– The goal of these ads is to get our target audience to consume our key messages inside the LinkedIn feed. We don’t expect direct leads to come from these, more about getting the message to them.

– Looking at clicks / click through rate (CTR) can be used as a proxy to see the interest / engagement level of the target audience. So it’s great that ours is so high right now!

– This is one of many tactics we’re using in an ABM campaign, so they’ll be seeing other touchpoints from us as well.

Nice work on these, Lyndsey Lumpkin!