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Master Your GTM Strategy: A Comprehensive Framework for Summarizing Key Initiatives for Your Next Board Meeting

Steal this framework and add it to your Board deck or exec QBR for summarizing key GTM initiatives👇

I presented this slide in our last Board meeting as a way to show where things are today and where we plan to get to in 6 months.

Key parts: 

– List all major GTM programs
Choose <15 so it’s consumable by others - Rank each initiative’s current state Be brutally honest here. People will see through if you’re inflating your answers to look good.  - Show the targeted future state Ideal is showing where you’ll be in 6 months. Be aggressive but realistic b/c they’ll likely remember what you targeted. Plan to move some programs ahead 1-2 stages, while others might not move at all.  Now you have a succinct way to show where you are today and where you hope to be.  Btw, check the comments for a Google Slides version you can copy and use yourself 🙂 Shoutout to Chris Walker for the idea of using stages to represent the current state of programs. I built upon his idea and visualized the future state with it. And shoutout to Brandon Anderson for creating a great idea for how to visualize all of it in one appealing slide.  Think this is useful? What would you change?