generativeAI marketing

Revolutionize Your Content Strategy with AI: Introducing a Fully Automated, Customizable Blog Post Generator

My second invention: a customizable blog post generation product using generative AI 🤖
And I made it fully automated end-to-end (from prompting to publishing).

-Take in a long list of relevant prompts (or generate them for you)
-Add any relevant context to bolster the prompts (optionally automated through an API)
-Generate articles using OpenAI’s API
-Auto-publish or auto-schedule to your website blog & also save them locally
-All of the API parameters are customizable, so you don’t get stock answers like ChatGPT, Jasper, etc.

I’ve started using it myself on a consumer-facing product website, and it works like magic.

If you’re interested in using it at the company you work for, reach out to me ($10K+ annual contract).

And yes, I’ve been working on hobby projects in the two weeks I took before starting the new job 🙂