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Embarking on a New Journey: From Zingtree’s Success to a Fresh Start in the Corporate World

Big news: I’m starting a new adventure!

I’ll announce the new company I’m joining on Monday. It’s even cooler than the outdoor walking desk I’ve built! (I’ll post about this hobby project tomorrow)

Although it’s difficult to leave behind the great people and plans of Zingtree, I’m thrilled to take on this new exciting opportunity.

During my time at Zingtree, I saw significant progress across the entire company & especially in Marketing. I’m thankful to have been a part of this growth. A few highlights:
-Pipeline & ARR growth
-Move to a modern demand gen approach
-Rework of the company positioning & messaging
-Rebrand & new visual identity

Collaborating with all of my colleagues at Zingtree was incredibly enjoyable. I’ll miss you all!

I’m grateful to Juan Jaysingh & David Apple for bringing me on board initially & upholding the culture that I appreciated being a part of.

I’m excited to witness how Zingtree will continue to grow to new heights!

Stay tuned for updates on my new journey! And I’ll continue to build in public with practical strategies & tactics 🙂