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Unlocking Successful Product Integrations: A Comprehensive Guide to Using our Proven PMM Content Kit Template

Use this PMM content kit template for every new product integration you have.

1. Simple messaging guide (internal)
2. PDF one-pager
3. Demo video
4. Partner marketplace web page
5. 3+ screenshots of actual integrations
6. Dedicated website page on your website
7. 1-2 slides to go in the general sales pitch deck (internal)
8. Feature matrix
9. Pre-sales enablement deck for Zingtree (internal)

Collab With CX Team:
1. Documentation about the integration
a. 3 short videos
i. How to integrate (likely just a couple of mins)
ii. How to use 101
iii. Advanced how to use 201
b. Article ‘How to integrate’
2. Ideally an Implementation & best practices guide
3. Implementation Plan (when applicable) (agenda, team, etc.)

1. Ideally a customer story and customer logos
2. Ideally how integration compares to top competitors’ integration with the same one (internal doc)
3. Ideally a pitch deck for the partner to pitch you to their existing customers (internal)
4. Pre-sales enablement deck for partner sellers (internal)
5. Discovery questions for Sales related to the integration (internal)
6. Feature matrix comparing integration features and limitations (internal)

Shoutout to David Chase, Brad Schieber, Guillaume Tarralle – “GT”, Danna Troncattty Leahy, and Farhad Rizvi for helping me create this.

What would you add/subtract from this?