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Unlocking the Full Potential of AI in Marketing: Why APIs Trump Traditional SaaS Tools

Hot take 🌶️: Today’s cutting-edge Marketing teams use AI through APIs rather than merely relying on point-and-click SaaS AI tools.

All the current SaaS generative AI tools I’ve seen are too limited because so much has to be manually done. A human copying and pasting a similar task repeatedly are a time waste. Also, you can’t auto-post something to Google Docs or WordPress or take in a CSV of multiple prompts you want to work on.

Hopefully these SaaS tools will change and enable better workflows, integrations, and APIs (without charging $50K+).

Until then, write simple Python scripts to automate the work…
And if you can’t do this, ask an engineer at work to spend a couple of hours/week helping you. They probably want to use the AI tools anyway!