What’s Your Favorite…?

I ask this question all the time.

“What’s your favorite ____?”


“What’s your favorite salad?” “What’s your favorite book?” “Who’s your favorite professor?” “What’s your favorite class?”

Asking this question to people who know what they’re talking about provides insight that you would otherwise not have. They’re the experts, and you are now seeking advice and counsel from the experts, even if it’s just a normal person. We’re all experts in something. And we need to learn from other experts. That waitress is an expert in the restaraunt’s food, so go ahead and ask her advice.

Seek wisdom in big and little ways by asking this question.

You’ll get deep insight on things from experts, and you will learn about things that you would never otherwise hear about.

So add this to your vocabulary and ask it a lot: What’s your favorite ____(you fill in the blank – on everything)?


What is one of your favorite things? Favorite food, class, website, etc.

Tell me! I wanna learn! Comment below and share with me.