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Maximizing Competitive Research: 2 Powerful Strategies to Boost Sales and Demand Generation

People talk about how to do competitive research but there’s not enough about what to DO with it. 

Here are 2 simple ways to 1) Equip your Sales team with it & 2) Use it for Demand Gen

1) Equip your Sales team with it
Give Sales the exact talking points for what to say. Literally script it out, but keep it short.

“Hooli is great for x, but there are 3 key areas that Zingtree is better. 

B/c it’s so short, Sales can memorize this or have it pulled up & read verbatim. If a prospect really wants to go deep, then you can pull in a Sales Engineer, PM, or CI Marketer.

2)) Use it for Demand Gen
Turn your insights into a competitive comparison web page. If your web team is really backed up, do it as a blog post first. 

Then add it to your top-level website navigation or footer so you can educate your web visitors who may be evaluating both of you.

Also, test paid search for “Hooli alternative” type keywords. 
If you have enough budget, you can test “Hooli”, “Hooli pricing”, “Hooli support”, etc. 

Then try paid social if you have even more budget.
You can try to take competitor customers by running paid social ads to accounts that use competitors. Your ad messaging will be highly targeted & relevant. Just keep in mind this is a long play if their customers are locked in annual contracts.

As you may have guessed, we’re near the end of this process for 3 competitors. Externally facing pages coming soon!

What competitive plays do you like to ship fast?