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Maximize Your Marketing Budget: 4 Effective Strategies to Save and Repurpose Your Funds

4 WAYS to save money in Marketing (& ideally repurpose it to more effective Marketing areas)

1. Paid search (and display)
2. Consolidating redundant tools
3. Website development
4. Reducing hours or consolidating freelancers and agencies

What are some other ways you’re considering?

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Surviving the Recession: Essential Budget Re-forecasting Strategies for Marketing, Sales, and CX in Startups

If you work for a startup in Marketing, Sales, or CX, you should be building scenarios for potentially re-forecasting your budget, pipeline, ARR, expansion, and churn goals.

The recession is probably coming (or here already), and your Board of Directors or C-suite may start cutting budgets.

Do you want to be caught scrambling or be prepared with a couple justifiable plans?