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Maximize Your Marketing Budget: 4 Effective Strategies to Save and Repurpose Your Funds

4 WAYS to save money in Marketing (& ideally repurpose it to more effective Marketing areas)

1. Paid search (and display)
2. Consolidating redundant tools
3. Website development
4. Reducing hours or consolidating freelancers and agencies

What are some other ways you’re considering?

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Unlocking the Secrets of Zingtree’s Affordable Martech Stack: Essential Tools for High-Impact Marketing

Wondering what other Marketing teams use for their tech stack? Here’s Zingtree’s Martech stack.¬†

It’ll grow a bit next year, but not by much. Many of these vendors cost <$50/month. You don't need to spend a fortune on tools to do great Marketing! Salesforce - CRM HubSpot - Marketing Automation Webflow - website CMS Metadata Metamatch - ad audience building Adobe (Creative Cloud & Figma) - design tools Notion - project management ServiceBell - website engagement BuiltWith - ad audience building ZoomInfo - ad audience building & Sales tool Descript - video transcription & editing LinkedIn ad platforms - ad campaigns Meta ad platforms - ad campaigns Envato - digital assets Shutterstock - digital assets - podcast recording Buzzsprout - podcast publishing Shield Analytics - LinkedIn analytics Buffer - social media publishing - email automation VideoAsk¬†- testimonial recording What is your must-have Martech tool that you don't see here?