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Unlocking the Secrets of Zingtree’s Affordable Martech Stack: Essential Tools for High-Impact Marketing

Wondering what other Marketing teams use for their tech stack? Here’s Zingtree’s Martech stack.¬†

It’ll grow a bit next year, but not by much. Many of these vendors cost <$50/month. You don't need to spend a fortune on tools to do great Marketing! Salesforce - CRM HubSpot - Marketing Automation Webflow - website CMS Metadata Metamatch - ad audience building Adobe (Creative Cloud & Figma) - design tools Notion - project management ServiceBell - website engagement BuiltWith - ad audience building ZoomInfo - ad audience building & Sales tool Descript - video transcription & editing LinkedIn ad platforms - ad campaigns Meta ad platforms - ad campaigns Envato - digital assets Shutterstock - digital assets - podcast recording Buzzsprout - podcast publishing Shield Analytics - LinkedIn analytics Buffer - social media publishing - email automation VideoAsk¬†- testimonial recording What is your must-have Martech tool that you don't see here?