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Mastering LinkedIn Ads & Examples: Achieving a 6.17% CTR with In-Feed ABM Campaigns

6.17% CTR from these LinkedIn ads 🤯🤯🤯

That’s the power of scroll-stopping ABM ads & focusing on in-feed consumption of our content.

I’ve typically heard & used 0.4% CTR as a benchmark for good engagement on brand awareness reach-focused LI campaigns, & we’re crushing that in this campaign that launched recently (about a week of data).

More context on our strategy:

– The goal of these ads is to get our target audience to consume our key messages inside the LinkedIn feed. We don’t expect direct leads to come from these, more about getting the message to them.

– Looking at clicks / click through rate (CTR) can be used as a proxy to see the interest / engagement level of the target audience. So it’s great that ours is so high right now!

– This is one of many tactics we’re using in an ABM campaign, so they’ll be seeing other touchpoints from us as well.

Nice work on these, Lyndsey Lumpkin!