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Unlocking B2B Success: Discovering Your ‘Date WOW’ and ‘Marry WOW’ for High-Impact Business Meetings

Do you know what your “Date WOW” and “Marry WOW” is for your B2B target audience?

Date WOW – what is that thing in the 1st meeting that gets the prospect to lean forward in their seat and say wow? It might be solving a problem in a unique way, an easy way you integrate with their system, or a report.
You need this to get the second “date” aka the second meeting with the prospect.

Marry WOW – what is it that will help the champion at the prospect get internal buy-in from more senior people? Showing the vision for why you’re a great partner long-term is key.

When you figure this out, you can rinse and repeat and scale to lots of buyers b/c you understand what they care about most & how you can help.

Shoutout to Tae Hea Nahm & Bob Tinker for their “GTM Fit” terminology & framework that I’m summarizing here.