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Unlocking Business Growth: A Comprehensive Guide to Implementing OKRs for Effective Demand Creation in Marketing

Steal my OKRs for Creating Demand, and put them in your Marketing plan 👇

Objective 1: Create demand

🚀 Key Result (KR) 1: Launch X groups of ads on LI/FB (integration-specific ads & educational ads). Quant: Reach X people in our target audience. Maintain a X%+ CTR from LI ads. Direct traffic to high-intent pages (home page, pricing page, demo page, customer stories, etc) increases by X%+.

🎯 KR2: Implement & adopt’s Metamatch to make our ads even more targeted to our ICP, esp. on FB

✍️ KR3: Grow social engagement: employees & corporate posting regularly. Engagement rate: LI – X% QoQ, TW – X% QoQ. X total posts by ZT employees.

📣 KR4: Zingtree folks get on X podcasts for free

1️⃣ We have 5 objectives this quarter, and the other objectives affect creating demand too, but this is the primary one about it.
2️⃣ I’ve taken out our specific numbers so that you can adopt it to your business easily.
3️⃣ Creating demand is very new for us (I’m new to @zingtree), so that’s why my KR1 doesn’t have specific opp or pipeline goals associated with it. It takes some time before we can count on these producing later stage results.

What do your create demand OKRs look like? What would you add/change about mine?